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In 1991 St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist Elaine Viets wrote a newspaper article, and St. Louis Channel 2 news made a news clip describing the benefits of auto repair, and preventive maintenance delivered to your home or office,with our mobile auto repair mechanic shop, computer/emission, diagnostic service, PMC Super Tuners. You can view both of them on this page.

Written article

The article was written by Elaine Viets in 1991.

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Here is the typed article: St Louis Post Dispatch Tuesday, June 18, 1991 Elaine Viets

Robert and Laura Selke had such a good idea, you wonder why more people don't do it. They run a car repair shop out of your home- or your office. Robert will come to your driveway or office parking lot to do tune-ups, fuel injection cleaning and general repairs. Laura handles the office side of the business, and gets directions to your place. That's important. Otherwise, Robert could get lost on his way to work every day. "Your home or office is the waiting room," said Joe, one of Robert's regular customers. The magazines are better, too.

"You are always first in line," Joe said. "You can cut your grass, paint or take a shower while your car is worked on." And you don't need someone to give you a ride. "The price is $24.95 for the convenience call and the first half hour of labor," Robert said. "For that, we'll also check the fluids and fill up to a quart without additional charge." The labor goes down to $17.95 for each half hour after that, plus parts. That makes the first hour $42.90, the second hour $35.90. Robert says most of his jobs can be done in two hours or less.

"We've been in business three years, and worked on about 450 cars. We started when I was working at McDonnell Douglas." Robert was 25 and his life seemed over. "I was a tool and die maker. I didn't feel I was going any further." The long, dull years stretched ahead: Robert would have a fat paycheck and good benefits, but nothing much was going to happen to him. "My wife and I prayed about it," he said. They received their inspiration in the most divine place-their car. "We were cruising down the road when it hit us. People don't have time to take the car to the shop anymore. What if I took the shop to them? I would be a traveling consultant. It would be a new concept in car care." They called the company PMC Super Tuners. PMC stands for Preventive Maintenance Consultants. Robert speaks with a preacher's fervor about the blessings of regular preventive maintenance. It will save the planet, he says, by cutting down on the pollutants your car emits. And, glory be, it will save you money. But the road to total salvation is not in your driveway. Robert says there are limits to what he can do. "We don't get into major repairs," he said. "I can't rebuild your engine." Super Tuners services "the metro area, from Granite City to Chesterfield." That morning he was working on Paul and Tracy Heitz's 1984 Nissan Stanza in Hanley Hills.

Robert backed his red pickup into their driveway, and went to work. Inside the truck were some things you'd expect any mechanic to use: Chilton manuals, hose clamps and air filters. And some things that don't look familiar: plastic suitcases with portable computers, and odd gadgets that looked like ray guns, light meters and a microwave oven. "That's an oscilloscope," he said, patting the microwave-sized box. "Looks like an EKG machine. You could say it takes your car's heartbeat." "We use a lot of diagnostic equipment now. It's a different business, with all the computers in cars. One guy with an '83 Z-28 thought he needed a tuneup. I plugged in the computer and found out it was an oxygen sensor gone bad." But Robert still keeps some of the old ways. He put a drip pan under the Heitz's car, opened the hood and spread grease-stained rug on the fender.

Inside the house, Tracy Heitz watched her two boys and finished her morning chores. She believes Robert is honest. "He's not going to tell us a lot of things need to be fixed that don't," she said. "If we need major repairs, we can go to the garage with his list of what's wrong." If the job's too big for Robert, "I'll charge you for a consultation fee, and tell you what's wrong," he said. "I have no reason to list unnecessary work because I won't benefit from it."

Robert has fixed cars for employees at MCI, the Federal Building, even McDonnell Douglas. But he does most of his work at customers homes. "That's another reason why we don't do major repairs-you wouldn't want someone taking the engine apart in your driveway." And if you do, the neighbors don't. Robert says he's only had one complaint about his traveling repair business. "I was working in the street on a car that wouldn't start. The police came by and talked to me." A mechanic without his own garage has other problems. "We can only work during daylight hours. If there's a rain shower, I have a tarp and a cover. A downpour is another matter." And in cold weather? "We bundle up. But a lot of our computer equipment doesn't work when it's under 20 degrees." Robert checked another important piece of equipment-a stop watch. That's how he measures his time. "Our customers like to see us working. They know we're not goofing off." Robert went back to work-a man who broke free of a big corporation, to find a new boss everyday.

Video testimonial

This was seen on channel 2 news in 1991 about our mobile auto repair mechanic shop, diagnostic service. PMC Super Tuners Inc. Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair, Computer/Emission, Diagnostic, Service St Louis, St Charles, ATV, Motorcycle, SUV, Truck, Van, Roadside Assistance. (Channel 2 News clip.)

Mobile Auto Repair Shop, Car Repair, Computer/Emission, Diagnostic, Auto Repair, Service St. Louis, St. Charles, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck, Van, Mechanic, Roadside Assistance. PMC Super Tuners Inc.

Here are some Customer responses to their service experience at PMC Super Tuners Inc. Mobile Mechanic, Auto Repair, Diagnostic Service, Roadside Assistance, St Louis, St Charles.

Bob is an auto GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mercy Hospice should be proud of him. He has gotten me out of auto failure several times and has gotten me back on the road seeing my patients. Great job, Bob. THANKS!!
By Toni C ‎ - February 06, 2012

I am really impressed with the job!
I am really impressed with the job that bob did on getting my 86 ford ranger back on the road,thanks a lot bob you the man.
By Jamil J ‎ - February 02, 2012

I would highly recommend Bob and his expertise to handle any service you might need.
Last fall I contacted PMC Supertuners to come out to my home in Wildwood to get my Polaris UTV running again. Bob was out previously during the summer and diagnosed the problem as a bad voltage regulator. I bought the part and although it was a difficult thing to replace, Bob handled it with no problem. Bob also found a couple other things needing repair such as a disconnected hose in the gas tank and a vacuum problem drawing gas into the carburetor. My battery also needed replacement as it would not hold a charge. With a new battery in place I am happy to report the vehicle runs just like new. I would highly recommend Bob and his expertise to handle any service you might need. Remember, you don't even need to leave your house- he comes out to your place. It's great!
By D. Pierce Wildwood, MO. - January 20, 2012

Angie's List Review:
Member: CORRINE Category: Auto Service Services Performed: Yes * More Weight is given to a report where work has been completed. Work Completed Date: September 20, 2011 Hire Again: Yes Description Of Work: Our tractor lawn mower needed a new battery. We bought one, but were unable to get the old one dislodged. We called Bob Selke, of PMC Super Tuners. Even though they are a mobile auto repair service, they were able to repair our riding lawn mower. Bob got the old battery out and installed the new one. But, he also found that the air filter was very clogged, which he told us had caused the engine to be flooded. He cleaned the air filter, "de-flooded" the engine, and got the mower working immediately. Member Comments: We tried a number of times to get the old battery out of the mower, (which we'd done successfully a number of times over the years), we were unable to do it this time after a number of attempts. So we called Bob Selke, even though this was not strictly an automotive issue. Bob got the old battery out, and installed the new one. But, he also found that the air filter was completely clogged, and the engine flooded. He cleaned the filter, and "de-flooded" the engine, as stated above, and immediately got the mower working. At any other time, if we couldn't get the lawn mower to work, we would have called a repair service. That would have meant making an appointment, paying pick-up and delivery fees, plus the cost of the repairs. The time spent waiting for the repairs to take place would have necessitated hiring someone to cut the grass for us, an additional cost. We have known Bob Selke for several years, and know his work always meets high standards. And, besides fixing our lawn mower, he changed an overhead light bulb above our garage. I can't stress enough how convenient and economical it was to have the mower repaired right at our house, and right away! Overall Rating: A, Price: A, Quality: A, Responsiveness: A, Punctuality: A, Professionalism: A
By Member: CORRINE ‎ - September 20, 2011

great customer service
PMC Super Tuners gives great customer service and the best part is that they come to you!
By Jennifer ‎ - July 18, 2011

We recently ran into some car trouble and we remembered we used this service back in 2007.
We recently ran into some car trouble and we remembered we used this service back in 2007. We were stuck in the parking lot of a retail store and still had the original business card from when we used this service. Sure enough Bob shows up and immediately gets to work. Bob is very humble and a great mechanic that comes to you if you are in distress like we were in the parking lot. He got the job done and we were back on the road as if nothing ever happened. I highly recommend this service. As a matter of fact it is mandatory if you need any type of auto service.
By Hebrews 11:1 - June, 19 2011

VERY friendly and knowledgeable!!!!!
VERY friendly and knowledgeable!!!!! Great work ethic and willingness to help where and when he can. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you and your family.
By Geneva ‎ - May 12, 2011

Simply amazing. The best yet...
Fixed and then re-fixed our vehicle at a discounted rate when our refurbished starter went bad within 6 months. The second refurbished starter was also bad (at the time of install), so Bob drove me to pick up a third. He then proceeded to reinstall the starter for a third time. All while in the parking lot of my work. Simply amazing. The best yet... we always get a follow-up call. Who does that anymore? That is what I call service!
By Ian R ‎ - May 10, 2011

I was completely impressed by the professionalism and quality of service of PMC Supertuners!
From the first telephone contact to the visit to assess my motorcycle that wouldn't start, I was completely impressed by the professionalism and quality of service of PMC Supertuners! I was treated with over-the-top courtesy by a friendly and knowledgeable technician who took the time to thoroughly explain to me what was going on with my bike. Overall it was incredibly convenient and surprisingly reasonable. I have found my new home for my car and motorcycle maintenance issues!
By Gretch ‎ - Apr 30, 2011

What a life saver.
I was searching for someone who could work on my car after my mechanic hurt his self and found PMC in my search. Everything checked out so I gave Bob a call and he came right away the same day and did a quick diagnosis and then he fixed the problem right away with no problems. I highly suggest using PMC Super Tuners.
By T ‎ - Apr 9, 2011

Best Vehicle Repair Service!
‎ Absolutely, without a doubt the best vehicle repair service I have had the pleasure to do business with. Being stranded at my hotel in St. Louis was not pleasant, but if it had to happen, I am so glad I called Robert (introduced himself as Bob :) to come help. A quick diagnosis, then a trip to the parts store, where he worked to get us a better deal for the part we needed. As we packed up in the hotel he fixed the car and we were ready to go in less than two hours total. I wish he could work on Sunday, but just ask him why and he'll explain it :) If you need light engine work, tune ups or diagnostics, look no further than PMC Super Tuners.
By Ian - Mar 8, 2011

Quality Auto Service at Home or Office
We have known the owners of PMC since it's inception. He knows his stuff and is very professional. Would and have recommended him to family, friends and co-workers.
By Laura H. 02/28/2011

Super Service
I have used this comapany for many years. They have always provided quick and reliable service. The fact they come to me is a huge convenience. I have even had them check out a used car before I bought it so I wasn't getting a lemon
By David R .- Jul 9, 2010

Time Saver
Had an unexpected break down after work and picking up my son from daycare. I had so much to do already; I didn't need that! PMC Super Tuners came to me (I managed to limp my car home) and while I made dinner, did some laundry and played with my son, my car was fixed! Great time reducer and stress buster! I recommend this service!
By Stephen M .- Jun 30, 2010

Competitively Priced
I have known Bob, the owner of PMC for almost 20 years. In that time he has performed numerous repairs on my vehicles. All of the work has been done to my satisfaction at a very reasonable cost. I can highly recommend Bob and his company to everyone.
By Dave - 06/26/2010

Bailed me out!
On my way to work one morning, my truck just up and quit. A fellow employee picked me up and took me to the office. From there I contacted PMC Super Tuners. He met me at the office within the hour. We went to my truck, diagnosed the problem, went for parts and repaired the truck and had it running all within 2 1/2 hours from the initial call. Since the technician was able to give me a ride and I was able to pay for my own parts I was able to avoid cab fares and the marked up prices at a shop. I definately plan to use the PMC services in the future.
By Bill H. - Jun 24, 2010

Very Convenient Service
By coming to the customer, this service saves the time and trouble of driving to (or being towed to) a mechanic. The technician demonstrated good background in trouble shooting the problem. R. Palmer
By R. Palmer - Jun 23, 2010

good value
‎ this business was great; and affordable. they come to you which saves me time. i would recommend this to a friend.
By soyfestivo - Mar 26, 2010

I've already got one of your cards Bob, Thank you very much for the work you've done; it was convenient.
By Paul Henroid - May 11, 1993

Professional Service
I wish to thank you for your professional servicing of my 1985 Ford Escort on January 29, 1992. You replaced my power brake booster and the left outer CV boot for the same price Sears wanted for just the power brake booster. And then, you followed up by telephoning me this week to ensure my satisfaction. I am 100% behind American entrepreneurship, and it seems to me that you have filled a critical niche. It has been said many times that our economy has become a "service" economy, but I often ask myself, "where is the service?" Now I know that at least at PMC I can find honest advice, on-budget work, and on-time, over-the-road service. Congratulations for getting us out of a pinch (for at least the third time.) May God continue to bless you and your business.
By Robert Kramer - February 13, 1992

Air Perishable Van Maintenance
Bob Thanks for taking care of both Vans for me. Merry Christmas
By Jim Berry - Dec 16, 1992

Expert Diagnosis and Repair
Back in June, you did a tune up on my 69 Pontiac Bonneville and my 83 Datsun Stanza. Just wanted to let you know that they are both still running good. As you will recall, the garage I had taken my Datsun to could not find out why the car kept missing under a load. You quickly found that it was the spark plugs. They apparently had failed to do a complete test on the most logical reason for a miss-the spark plugs, and suggested I take it else-where as they couldn't fix it. They suggested it might be a defective computer panel. It wasn't! Incidentally, a recent trip to Chicago in the Datsun resulted in our achieving 42+ MPG - the best ever, and a trip to Peoria in the Bonneville went very smoothly. Your probably very surprised to get this letter, but wanted to let you know I appreciated your expert diagnosis and repair, thorough explanations, and timely visits, along with your friendly demeanor. I would, have, and will recommend you to anyone that needs your services
By Bob Eilers - Aug 9, 1991

Tune Up
Thank you for the Tune up on my 1980 Buick It runs fine.
By Lacy Martin .- Aug 6, 1991

Job Done Right
Thank you for the work you did on my car. Speed isn't everything. I'm glad you took the time to do the job right, I've already recommended you to my neighbors.
By Brian - Jul 6, 1991

Helped Us Out
Thanks for the help with our cars when we really needed it. Have a Merry Christmas! Jo is feeling better now. Call us sometime soon.
By Bob & Jo - Nov 29, 1990

Car Repair
Thanks again for working on our cars
By Roseana Krone - Sep 18, 1990


PMC Super Tuners has been in business 23 years, since 1988. We have served thousands of customers with their auto repairs and have maintained an "A+ rating" with The Better Business Bureau of Missouri. To see our rating for yourself click the BBB page. We have many satisfied customers and hope you will be the next. In 1991 the St. Louis Post Dispatch, reporter Elaine Viets wrote an article about us. We were also featured on Channel 2 News To see both articles visit our Testimonials page. If you are looking for a professional quality roadside vehicle repair service company, that can work around your busy life, then schedule your next appointment for auto, car, motorcycle, SUV, truck, van roadside repair with PMC Super Tuners Inc.

PMC Super Tuners Inc. Mobile Mechanic Auto Repair St Louis, St Charles, Motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Truck, Van, Computer/Emission, Diagnostic, Car Repair, Service, Roadside Assistance. Post Dispatch article, and Channel 2 News clip.
Services performed by a PMC Super Tuners Inc. mobile auto repair shop Auto Mechanic/Technician. Have a 90 day or 3000 mile workmanship warranty.

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Debit Cards.

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