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In 1991, St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist Elaine Viets wrote a newspaper article, and St. Louis Channel 2 news made a news clip describing the benefits of mobile automobile repair and preventive maintenance delivered on the spot. With our mobile auto repair shop, we send a mechanic to your home, office, or even a location on the side of the road for computer/emissions issues, mechanical/electrical repairs, no starts, diagnostic service, and more. You can view both the article and the news clip, and read reviews by customers who have used PMC Super Tuners over the years.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Article

This article on the benefits of PMC Super Tuners' mobile automobile repair was written by Elaine Viets in 1991.

Click here to view a printable PDF version of this article on automobile repair service by PMC Super Tuners.

Here is the text from the article: St Louis Post Dispatch: Tuesday, June 18, 1991, by Elaine Viets

Robert and Laura Selke had such a good idea, you wonder why more people don't do it. They run a car repair shop out of your home- or your office. Robert will come to your driveway or office parking lot to do tune-ups, fuel injection cleaning and general repairs. Laura handles the office side of the business, and gets directions to your place. That's important. Otherwise, Robert could get lost on his way to work every day. "Your home or office is the waiting room," said Joe, one of Robert's regular customers. The magazines are better, too.

"You are always first in line," Joe said. "You can cut your grass, paint or take a shower while your car is worked on." And you don't need someone to give you a ride. "The price is $24.95 for the convenience call and the first half hour of labor," Robert said. "For that, we'll also check the fluids and fill up to a quart without additional charge." The labor goes down to $17.95 for each half hour after that, plus parts. That makes the first hour $42.90, the second hour $35.90. Robert says most of his jobs can be done in two hours or less.

"We've been in business three years, and worked on about 450 cars. We started when I was working at McDonnell Douglas." Robert was 25 and his life seemed over. "I was a tool and die maker. I didn't feel I was going any further." The long, dull years stretched ahead: Robert would have a fat paycheck and good benefits, but nothing much was going to happen to him. "My wife and I prayed about it," he said. They received their inspiration in the most divine place - their car. "We were cruising down the road when it hit us. People don't have time to take the car to the shop anymore. What if I took the shop to them? I would be a traveling consultant. It would be a new concept in car care." They called the company PMC Super Tuners. PMC stands for Preventive Maintenance Consultants. Robert speaks with a preacher's fervor about the blessings of regular preventive maintenance. It will save the planet, he says, by cutting down on the pollutants your car emits. And, glory be, it will save you money. But the road to total salvation is not in your driveway. Robert says there are limits to what he can do. "We don't get into major repairs," he said. "I can't rebuild your engine." PMC Super Tuners services "the metro area, from Granite City to Chesterfield." That morning he was working on Paul and Tracy Heitz's 1984 Nissan Stanza in Hanley Hills.

Robert backed his red pickup into their driveway, and went to work. Inside the truck were some things you'd expect any mechanic to use: Chilton manuals, hose clamps and air filters. And some things that don't look familiar: plastic suitcases with portable computers, and odd gadgets that looked like ray guns, light meters and a microwave oven. "That's an oscilloscope," he said, patting the microwave-sized box. "Looks like an EKG machine. You could say it takes your car's heartbeat." "We use a lot of diagnostic equipment now. It's a different business, with all the computers in cars. One guy with an '83 Z-28 thought he needed a tuneup. I plugged in the computer and found out it was an oxygen sensor gone bad." But Robert still keeps some of the old ways. He put a drip pan under the Heitz's car, opened the hood and spread a grease-stained rug on the fender.

Inside the house, Tracy Heitz watched her two boys and finished her morning chores. She believes Robert is honest. "He's not going to tell us a lot of things need to be fixed that don't," she said. "If we need major repairs, we can go to the garage with his list of what's wrong." If the job's too big for Robert, "I'll charge you for a consultation fee, and tell you what's wrong," he said. "I have no reason to list unnecessary work because I won't benefit from it."

Robert has fixed cars for employees at MCI, the Federal Building, even McDonnell Douglas. But he does most of his work at customers homes. "That's another reason why we don't do major repairs - you wouldn't want someone taking the engine apart in your driveway." And if you do, the neighbors don't. Robert says he's only had one complaint about his traveling repair business. "I was working in the street on a car that wouldn't start. The police came by and talked to me." A mechanic without his own garage has other problems. "We can only work during daylight hours. If there's a rain shower, I have a tarp and a cover. A downpour is another matter." And in cold weather? "We bundle up. But a lot of our computer equipment doesn't work when it's under 20 degrees." Robert checked another important piece of equipment-a stop watch. That's how he measures his time. "Our customers like to see us working. They know we're not goofing off." Robert went back to work - a man who broke free of a big corporation, to find a new boss everyday.

St. Louis Channel 2 News Video Testimonial

This clip about our mobile auto repair shop aired on Channel 2 news in 1991. PMC Super Tuners Inc. sends a mobile mechanic to your St. Louis County or St. Charles County location for general auto repairs, computer/emissions issues, diagnostic services, emergency roadside assistance, and more to your car, truck, van, ATV, motorcycle, or SUV.

PMC Super Tuners Inc. is a mobile auto repair shop serving St. Louis County and St. Charles County, and specializing in general car repairs, computer/emissions issues, diagnostics, roadside assistance, and more to your car, truck, van, motorcycle, ATV, or SUV on the spot.

Here are some customer responses to their automotive service experiences with PMC Super Tuners Inc. These customers have experienced the benefits of our mobile mechanics for general automobile repairs, diagnostics, emergency roadside assistance, and more, performed on the spot at the customer's location in St. Louis County and St. Charles County, MO.

Facebook Like: No start diagnostics, polite and professional from my first call through the test drive
Bob did a great job figuring out why our daughter's car would not start (squirrel's eating through various lines in the motor area) and then repairing in less than half a day! He was polite and professional from my first call through the test drive at the end. He also gave our daughter some helpful tips on maintenance.

M Grant. ‎ - January 29, 2015

Square review: No start diagnostics. Thoroughness, Customer Service, Quality, Super Tuners provides super service!
“Super Tuners provides super service! And the owner, Bob, is very thorough and tries to be as frugal as possible in finding replacement parts. Highly recommend.”

M Grant. ‎ - January 20, 2015

Google + review: No start diagnostics. Excellent costumer service very helpful and professional.
Excellent costumer service very helpful and professional I will recommend them to any one omg I'm so impressed and satisfied with you guys service 

Kenyanna P. ‎ - January 12, 2015

Google +: No start diagnostics. very honest company had my car up and running again
I had them out yesterday and Bob was great and very honest company had my car up and running again give them a try. Wayne

Wayne M. ‎ - November 23, 2014

Google +: No start diagnostics. Great mechanical advice, Highly recommend this service!
Excellent customer service. Great mechanical advice. Very professional and helpful to find the best prices for repair. Highly recommend his service.

Bruce C. ‎ - October 16, 2014

Google +: No start diagnostics. I was delighted and impressed by the service.
I was delighted and impressed by the service. Bob is a great guy, and I will recommend you guys to everyone!

Daniel M. ‎ - September 23, 2014

Google +: No start diagnostics. Super tuners is the best mobile auto service company in the St. Louis area.
Super tuners is the best mobile auto service company in the St. Louis area. Bob is fast friendly, reliable and very knowledgeable. Can't go wrong here. Don't call anyone else. He works on classic cars as well!

Marc Q. ‎ - June 29, 2014

Google + : No start diagnostics. Had it fixed in no time. Highly recommended!
Well after calling seven other mobile repair companies, this one actually answered the phone! bob came out and diagnosed the problem with my 75 dodge van's no start condition. had it fixed in no time. highly recommended! Marc Q.

Marc Q. ‎ - June 27, 2014

Google + Local: No start diagnostics. An engaging guy—honest, hardworking and all about doing the job the right way, the first time.
I have a Kawasaki 750 that wouldn’t start—and I had reached the end of my mechanic abilities in trying to fix it. I called PMC on a Tuesday morning—Bob had an opening at 3pm the next day. He arrived on time, reviewed the situation, gave me an estimate of cost and started in on the bike. What surprised me was how open he was with what he was doing-showing me how the carbs could be pulled and what exactly the problem was. I was able to watch the entire process, gaining valuable knowledge—and having a great conversation with Bob the entire time. An engaging guy—honest, hardworking and all about doing the job the right way, the first time. I enjoyed the entire process and the bike runs like a champ! Mike S. St. Louis

Mike S. ‎ - June 18, 2014

Google + Review: Diagnostics, finding a company with honest and price-conscious individuals there to help and not just make a quick buck.
PMC Super Tuners, Inc. - mobile vehicle diagnostics, repair and roadside assistance service was phenomenal. The gentleman arrived at the given time, was extremely polite, personable and got to work finding the problem with our vehicle. Bob took his time to check and re-check his findings and then, took his time explaining the matter-at-hand providing us with different courses of action. In this economy, it was nice finding a company with honest and price-conscious individuals there to help and not just make a quick buck. I will definitely utilize their service in the future, as well as, refer PMC Super Tuners, Inc. to our friends and family. - The Downey Family

Victoria T. ‎ - April 5, 2014

Google + review: No start diagnostics. quick repairs done, five star service and skill I would recommend
This man and bizziness is great service and skill I would recommend him to anyone that needs, quick repairs done five star service great guy thanks for the help.

andrew T. ‎ - March 15, 2014

Google + Review: Flat/Spare tire change service. Super fast!! professional, he finished his work in 15 min so we got back on the road!!
Due to we have one broken tire and do not have tools to replace it, we have to park our car in one public parking lot. After we called PMC Super Tuners, Bob came to help us in 30 min !!Super fast!!(we parked near the St. Louis Airport) Bob is professional, he finished his work in 15 min so we got back on the road!! By the way, Bob is super nice!!

Jiachen Z. ‎ - March 11, 2014

Facebook Like: No start diagnostics. Professional service
Professional service

Jim R. ‎ - March 7, 2014

Facebook Like: ATV service. Great job
Great job

La Toya M. ‎ - March 5, 2014

Facebook Like: No start diagnostics. Excellent service
I have used Super Tuners for several years now. The service is excellent. If you are a single woman, it is comforting to know if you do break down, there is someone honest and reliable to call. Thanks Bob!

Alice G. ‎ - March 2, 2014

Google + Review: No start diagnostics. Professional service, quality work.
Excellent service. Bob is very professional, friendly and does quality work. He came directly to my home diagnosed and repaired the problem within an hour. Will definitely recommend PMC Super Tuners!!!

Brandon M. ‎ -February 22, 2014

Google + Local: No start diagnostics. Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous.
I just moved up here a few weeks ago and this morning my vehicle would not start. I had to find somebody who was mobile and able to come to my residence to work on my vehicle. Thankfully I found Bob with PMC Super Tuners Inc, and it was a great experience working with him. He was very knowledgeable and showed me exactly what he was looking at and explained the process to me. He went out of his way to find the lowest cost parts for me and I never felt he was trying to cheat me. He was very professional and courteous, I will definitely call him again if I need assistance in the future.

Joseph A. ‎ - November 18, 2013

Google + Review: There was no hard selling on his part, which I appreciated. No start diagnostics.
So when my car wouldn't start this morning, I called PMC Super Tuners for help. Came to my house, checked things out, and turns out I left the light of my car on overnight, and this is what drained my battery. There was no hard selling on his part, though, which I appreciated. It was just good, honest, and pleasant service the whole time, and I learned some things about my own car on top of it. Working in retail, I know how big of a deal customer service is, and PMC has it in spades. I highly recommended them.

David H. ‎ - November 12, 2013

Google + Review: Very professional, as well as friendly. Serpentine Belt Service.
I had a great experience with PMC Super Tuners! Bob came out to fix my car and he was very professional, as well as friendly. He knew what he was talking about and allowed me to see and actually showed me what he was doing and the difference it would make. Not only is he convenient because he comes to you, but he is also affordable! Good people, who really has the customer at best interest. I would refer them to anyone, and if anything else is wrong with my car I will definitely give a call!

Taylor P. ‎ - October 30, 2013

Google + Review: No Start, I was amazed, a mobile mechanic service.......who would have thought.
I have a 2009 Honda Shadow motorcycle that I was putting up for sale. When I went to start it, I could not get it to start. I had no way to get it to a shop, so I went on line and found PMC Super Tuners on Backpage. I emailed and got an immediate response from Robert. I called him to discuss my issue and he was at my home within a couple hours and had my bike up and running like new. I was amazed, a mobile mechanic service.......who would have thought. Robert was quick, thorough and very appreciative of my business. I hope I never have another break down, but if I do, I will be calling Robert. I would recommend him to anyone who has the problem of getting their vehicle to a shop. How convenient.....they come to you. I greatly appreciate his quick response to my problem and the great job that he performed.

Keith M. ‎ - August 21, 2013

Google + Local: TRY THIS COMPANY! You won't be disappointed. Harley Carburetor Rebuild Service.
I bought a HD Electra Glide in April of this year, and after the carb overflowed, I had to rebuild the carb. I spent 2 weeks on this taking it apart putting back together trying to get it ready for a mandatory ride this weekend. After being fed up, I called PMC SuperTuners. Bob was by far the nicest mechanic and prompt with his work, letting me know he could definitely do it that day. This was around noon yesterday. He was there promptly at 4:00pm. It took him no time at all, and now the bike runs better than ever!!! The convenience of a mechanic coming to your house is one thing, but his personality, not to mention the knowledge I gained from the experience is unbeatable! Really wanted to drink a few beers with him, but that's besides the point. PMC SuperTuners has a new customer for life, and many more after I spread the word. TRY THIS COMPANY! You won't be disappointed.

Joshua M. ‎ - July 24, 2013

Google Plus Local Review: No Start Diagnostics, Thanks for the great service!
Bob from PMC Super Tuners was kind enough to make the long drive into Richmond Heights to help figure out what was wrong with my 26-year-old Jeep Cherokee. He was incredibly helpful, diagnosed the problem quickly and correctly, and even taught me a little car mechanic 101 as he worked. Plus, Bob might just be the nicest guy you'll ever meet. I'd recommend PMC Super Tuners to anybody, especially if you're stuck at home with a dead vehicle like I was. Thanks for the great service Bob!

Stephen P. ‎ - April 02, 2013

Facebook Like: No Start Diagnostics
thank you for the excellent car repair service a few days ago. the ol' Jeep is running great now. much appreciated!

Stephen P. ‎ - March 27, 2013

Google Plus Local Review: They are truly A+ in their ratings and customer service.
After dealing with a lousy road side assistance company that I had to use from my insurance company, I had to look up an auto repair shop for my car that my daughter was watching for me because it would not start for her. I got in touch with PMC Super Tuners and they were really great in scheduling to meet my daughter in a reasonable time to get the car fixed. The diagnostic and service was awesome and it saved me money in the long run if I had taken my Mercedes via tow to a car dealership because they would have tried to sell me more than what was wrong with the car. They are truly A+ in their ratings and customer service. Thanks PMC and Q for all your help.

Paula W. ‎ - March 01, 2013

Google Plus Local Review: PMC is very good at what they repair!
PMC is very good at what they repair! they came and found the problem, gave me several options and fixed my son's car. I'd definitely would recommend them to my friends and family. their pricing is reasonable if not cheaper than my garage and i didn't have to wait all day. Good job PMC. I loving the service.

Elmeda R. ‎ - February 12, 2013

Facebook Review posted on PMC Super Tuners's timeline: No Start Diagnostics
I own a 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It had been running fine, but one winter day, it wouldn't start. Bob, from PMC Super Tuners, came out. He arrived on time, and was friendly and pleasant to deal with. Not only did he get my car started, he managed to clear out the catalytic converter (which I had flooded) and adjust the carbeuretor so that it now starts better and idles better than it did when I thought it was running quite satisfactorily for a 36-year-old car! I will use these guys again, if I need them; I recommend you do the same!

Paul G. ‎ - February 08, 2013

Google Plus Local Review: No Start Diagnostics
Bob is very responsive to my automotive mechanical needs, he comes to you and performs the repairs onsite. I have used him for all my automotive repair needs and see no reason to look otherwise. Greg

Greg A. ‎ - January 15, 2013

Used Car Consultation with our mobile on the spot service
I want to thank you for checking out a car for me. You did a fantastic job and help me decide not to buy what should have been a good car but turned out to have electrical problems. It’s good to have someone you can trust. Thanks, Mary L.

Mary L. ‎ - January 10, 2013

Google Plus Local Review: No Start, replaced burnt out starter
Great concept! My car wouldn't start one morning and instead of having it towed to the dealer, I scheduled a repair right at home. Without having to move the car, my problem was diagnosed and the broken starter was replaced - Thanks again!

Mike G. ‎ - January 07, 2013

Yelp Review: No Start, Dead battery
Helped me out of a jam, great people!

Austin G. ‎ - September 29, 2012

Angie's List Review: PMC Super Tuners
Category: Auto Service
Vehicle Make: Saturn: 2009 Saturn Aura
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: May 21, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $264.75
Description Of Work: Our most recent Onstar Diagnostics Report on a 2009 Saturn Aura said that we needed to give immediate attention to a problem they detected. We called Onstar and talked with a technician who did a scan and explained that there was a problem with the "A" camshaft position actuator circuit (bank1), with a code of P0010. We then called a dealer, and were told that a diagnostics scan would cost $175. The part would probably not be covered by the warranty; meaning paying for the parts and labor also would be our responsibility. He couldn't tell if this was the case unless they did the diagnostic work. In looking at the complete record for our car, and for recalls and TSBs done by GM, he said he thought there was a 90% chance that the problem was with the solenoid. We then called our neighbor, Bob Selke, of PMC Super Tuners. Bob came to our house, did a scan, and talked with colleagues who also had experience with these problems. Then Bob called two dealers and got a good price for the new solenoid confirmed for us. We were able to pick it up, and Bob replaced the old one. He then cleared the codes, re-tested the vehicle, did another scan, and this time the problem code disappeared. (Also, our check engine light had just come on indicating this problem, and now it too disappeared). Coincidentally, while Bob was fixing the Saturn, the "Check Engine" light came on in the Montana van we were driving. Arriving home, we were able to tell Bob about this new problem, and he was immediately able to do a scan on that vehicle, as well, and found a code P0172 system too rich (bank1). It turned out to be a loose connection at the mass air flow meter, and he was able to fix that and do a new scan, clearing the code. We are so grateful to have a neighbor who has the equipment and skills that saved us taking in both cars to a dealer, and being without transportation for as long as they would need to get the work done. And, the expense would have been far above the total of $264.75 Bob charged. The solenoid cost an extra $51.00, but all in all, this was a wonderful blessing.
Member Comments: When I talked with the Onstar technician, and he told me the car was "drivable," at first that sounded comforting. But, he explained he meant it was "drivable" to get to a dealer! I did call a dealer, but the man at the service department gave me information that didn't help me feel confident we could get the car fixed quickly and also hold the costs down. He couldn't guarantee that the work was covered under the warranty, and in fact, thought it probably was not, even though the car was less than three years old. So, I called Bob Selke, of PMC Super Tuners Inc. and related my discussions with both the Onstar technician and the dealer service writer. Bob consulted with colleagues who have more experience with this specific area of computer codes, to be sure he would find the exact problem and replace the right pieces of equipment the first time around. They agreed with Bob's diagnosis of a bad camshaft position actuator solenoid. Bob was able to locate a dealer who had the solenoid, and he confirmed a price for us. We then went to pick up the solenoid. We used our backup vehicle, a Montana van, to pick up the part. Incredibly, on the way home, the "Check Engine" light came on in the van. Arriving home, we were able to tell Bob about this, who was already scanning the Saturn Aura. And, he promptly scanned the Montana, finding the area of the particular problem. It turned out to be a loose connection on the mass air flow meter - something simple, thank goodness. But, if he didn't have the equipment to scan and figure out the problem, it would have again meant a trip to the dealer. And then, we would have been without a car to drive - at all! In all the years we've been driving, we've never had that happen.So, all in all, this whole experience, which could have really been terribly stressful, turned out to be wonderfully taken care of, with a minimum of expense and inconvenience.
Overall Rating: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A

By Member: CORRINE N‎ ‎ - May 21, 2012

Yelp Review: I had a flat tire yesterday that I was unable to change.
I had a flat tire yesterday that I was unable to change. Luckily for smart phones, I thought it would be a simple thing to locate someone willing to come out roadside and change my tire so I could be on my way. I called several people that came up on Google and got every answer from a non answered phone, to "I can't do it". Finally I came across When I called, they were very professional and came out immediately. Bob was awesome, and made me feel completely comfortable. I will recommend him to anyone who is having car trouble!

Jill D ‎ - Apr 25, 2012

The best customer service ever.
Looks like he has enough good reviews but I can't help myself. The best customer service ever. I feel like he saved my life. Had a bolt stuck on my 02 chevy trailblazer which prevented me from being able to change the fan clutch. He came right over at the time he told me he would. It was a butch to get off but he stuck around and battled with it. He was reasonable with pricing and went above and beyond to help. We need more service like this in the world.

Mike K ‎ - Apr 19, 2012

Angie's List Review: PMC Super Tuners
Category: Lawn Mower & Power Tool Repair
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: April 14, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $230.00
Description Of Work: The service included: sharpening and balancing the blade, cleaning old grass and debris off the deck, engine, and the underside of the tractor. He also tuned it and cleaned the carburetor and plugs, lubed the chassis, checked the belts and pullies, and changed the oil. Bob charged $150 for this work. Bob also serviced our push mower, cleaning the debris off the engine, deck and underneath the mower. And, he cleaned the carburetor and plug, and sharpened and balanced the blade. Cost for this work was $80.
Member Comments: After calling a lawn mower dealer to get a price and date for getting our riding mower serviced and ready for the new season of cutting, we talked to Bob Selke at PMC Super Tuners to compare prices. We have used their service before, and found it to be excellent, and without the cost and time delay involved in having the mower picked up and delivered. Bob is a good neighbor and has not only high standards of skill and workmanship, but is friendly and helpful. The convenience of being able to get this work completed the day we asked for the service, to know it was going to be done thoroughly and done "right" and by someone who is honest and trustworthy was so important. Bob Selke came to our home, and would do the same for anyone who needed this service.
Overall Rating: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A

By Member: CORRINE N‎ ‎ - Apr 14, 2012

Angie's List Review: PMC Super Tuners
Member: Donald
Categories: Auto Service Motorcycle Service
Vehicle Make: 2008 Honda Rebel 250
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: March 06, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $434.00
Description Of Work: Bob came to my home to work on my son's motorcycle and get it running. He took the carb. apart and cleaned and adjusted to get it running. Overall he was very professional and did a great job. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Overall Rating: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A

By Member: Donald H ‎ - March 16, 2012

I would definitely recommend him to friends.
Just wanted to say thanks to Bob for getting my 2008 Honda Rebel 250 up and running. It had a lot of carburetor problems from sitting too long. Bob came out, cleaned all the junk out of the carb, and made the adjustments so that it runs fine now. And he did it all with a smile. Very nice guy, and I would definitely recommend him to friends. Thanks again, Bob.

By Paul H ‎ - March 12, 2012

Bob is an auto GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mercy Hospice should be proud of him. He has gotten me out of auto failure several times and has gotten me back on the road seeing my patients. Great job, Bob. THANKS!!

By Toni C ‎ - February 06, 2012

I am really impressed with the job!
I am really impressed with the job that bob did on getting my 86 ford ranger back on the road, thanks a lot bob you the man.

By Jamil J ‎ - February 02, 2012

I would highly recommend PMC Super Tuners expertise to handle any service you might need.
Last fall I contacted PMC Supertuners to come out to my home in Wildwood to get my Polaris UTV running again. Bob was out previously during the summer and diagnosed the problem as a bad voltage regulator. I bought the part and although it was a difficult thing to replace, Bob handled it with no problem. Bob also found a couple other things needing repair such as a disconnected hose in the gas tank and a vacuum problem drawing gas into the carburetor. My battery also needed replacement as it would not hold a charge. With a new battery in place I am happy to report the vehicle runs just like new. I would highly recommend Bob and his expertise to handle any service you might need. Remember, you don't even need to leave your house- he comes out to your place. It's great!

By D. Pierce Wildwood, MO. - January 20, 2012

The Service was FANTASTIC!
Great service! Stuck at work when alternator stopped working...thank goodness I picked PMC Super Tuners..... Service was FANTASTIC and I recommend them without hesitation (although I hope I don't need them again anytime soon!)

By Carol ‎ - November 28, 2011

Really awesome automobile mechanic!
Hi, Want to say a few words about my friend, Bob, of PMC Supertuners. Just (Tues.,the 1st, & had only called the prior eve.) Bob came out to fix, my No-Start '87 Saab. He fixed it in a jiffy, I was amazed. He collected a few tools from his truck, once, & proceeded (He really enjoys troubleshooting, mechanical stuff.) Can see the wheels turning, as I imagined, guess, he tries this, & in his head, hes got all the options that Will Solve the Customer's Problem. My insight is because, I've always enjoyed being a shade-tree mechanic, but Bob blows me away, with his fast diagnosis,.. to problem solved! Tues., he also got running, my recently purchased no-start (been sitting awhile) -1972- Honda CB 450 motorcycle, it purrs now. The word "Awesome" has been tossed around lightly these days, but since the mid '90S, Bob's been the man I call, for any kind of mechanical work! Lastly, Bob's a Sharp, Honorable, Really AWESOME!, automobile mechanic, & has a warmth towards people!

By Gary S ‎ - November 03, 2011

The word Awesome!
The word "awesome" is thrown around loosely these days, but I say, Yer a "Bona-Fide Awesome", Automobile Mechanic! Just wanted to Thank Ya, again, for yer Expert Wrenching! Really Awesome! Sincerely, Gary Smith

By Gary Smith‎ - November 03, 2011

Angie's List Review: PMC Super Tuners
Category: Auto Service
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: September 20, 2011
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Our tractor lawn mower needed a new battery. We bought one, but were unable to get the old one dislodged. We called Bob Selke, of PMC Super Tuners. Even though they are a mobile auto repair service, they were able to repair our riding lawn mower. Bob got the old battery out and installed the new one. But, he also found that the air filter was very clogged, which he told us had caused the engine to be flooded. He cleaned the air filter, "de-flooded" the engine, and got the mower working immediately.
Member Comments: We tried a number of times to get the old battery out of the mower, (which we'd done successfully a number of times over the years), we were unable to do it this time after a number of attempts. So we called Bob Selke, even though this was not strictly an automotive issue. Bob got the old battery out, and installed the new one. But, he also found that the air filter was completely clogged, and the engine flooded. He cleaned the filter, and "de-flooded" the engine, as stated above, and immediately got the mower working. At any other time, if we couldn't get the lawn mower to work, we would have called a repair service. That would have meant making an appointment, paying pick-up and delivery fees, plus the cost of the repairs. The time spent waiting for the repairs to take place would have necessitated hiring someone to cut the grass for us, an additional cost. We have known Bob Selke for several years, and know his work always meets high standards. And, besides fixing our lawn mower, he changed an overhead light bulb above our garage. I can't stress enough how convenient and economical it was to have the mower repaired right at our house, and right away!
Overall Rating: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A

By Member: CORRINE N‎ - September 20, 2011

Great customer service
PMC Super Tuners gives great customer service and the best part is that they come to you!

By Jennifer ‎ - July 18, 2011

We recently ran into some car trouble and we remembered we used this service back in 2007.
We recently ran into some car trouble and we remembered we used this service back in 2007. We were stuck in the parking lot of a retail store and still had the original business card from when we used this service. Sure enough Bob shows up and immediately gets to work. Bob is very humble and a great mechanic that comes to you if you are in distress like we were in the parking lot. He got the job done and we were back on the road as if nothing ever happened. I highly recommend this service. As a matter of fact it is mandatory if you need any type of auto service.

By Hebrews 11:1 - June, 19 2011

VERY friendly and knowledgeable!!!!!
VERY friendly and knowledgeable!!!!! Great work ethic and willingness to help where and when he can. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you and your family.

By Geneva ‎ - May 12, 2011

Simply amazing. The best yet...
Fixed and then re-fixed our vehicle at a discounted rate when our refurbished starter went bad within 6 months. The second refurbished starter was also bad (at the time of install), so Bob drove me to pick up a third. He then proceeded to reinstall the starter for a third time. All while in the parking lot of my work. Simply amazing. The best yet... we always get a follow-up call. Who does that anymore? That is what I call service!

By Ian R ‎ - May 10, 2011

I was completely impressed by the professionalism and quality of service of PMC Super Tuners!
From the first telephone contact to the visit to assess my motorcycle that wouldn't start, I was completely impressed by the professionalism and quality of service of PMC Super Tuners! I was treated with over-the-top courtesy by a friendly and knowledgeable technician who took the time to thoroughly explain to me what was going on with my bike. Overall it was incredibly convenient and surprisingly reasonable. I have found my new home for my car and motorcycle maintenance issues!

By Gretch ‎ - Apr 30, 2011

What a life saver.
I was searching for someone who could work on my car after my mechanic hurt his self and found PMC in my search. Everything checked out so I gave Bob a call and he came right away the same day and did a quick diagnosis and then he fixed the problem right away with no problems. I highly suggest using PMC Super Tuners.

By T ‎ - Apr 9, 2011

Best Vehicle Repair Service!
Absolutely, without a doubt the best vehicle repair service I have had the pleasure to do business with. Being stranded at my hotel in St. Louis was not pleasant, but if it had to happen, I am so glad I called Robert (introduced himself as Bob :) to come help. A quick diagnosis, then a trip to the parts store, where he worked to get us a better deal for the part we needed. As we packed up in the hotel he fixed the car and we were ready to go in less than two hours total. I wish he could work on Sunday, but just ask him why and he'll explain it :) If you need light engine work, tune ups or diagnostics, look no further than PMC Super Tuners.

By Ian - Mar 8, 2011

Quality Auto Service at Home or Office
We have known the owners of PMC since it's inception. He knows his stuff and is very professional. Would and have recommended him to family, friends and co-workers.

By Laura H. 02/28/2011

I was back on my way under 2 hours of the initial call.
Had a problem with my truck dying for no apparent reason. Called PMC and they came to where my truck was. After diagnosing the situation found that it was a pickup coil. Replaced it and I was back on my way under 2 hours of the initial call.

By hotschtuff .- February 28, 2011

Super Service
I have used this comapany for many years. They have always provided quick and reliable service. The fact they come to me is a huge convenience. I have even had them check out a used car before I bought it so I wasn't getting a lemon

By David R .- Jul 9, 2010

Time Saver
Had an unexpected break down after work and picking up my son from daycare. I had so much to do already; I didn't need that! PMC Super Tuners came to me (I managed to limp my car home) and while I made dinner, did some laundry and played with my son, my car was fixed! Great time reducer and stress buster! I recommend this service!

By Stephen M .- Jun 30, 2010

Competitively Priced
I have known Bob, the owner of PMC for almost 20 years. In that time he has performed numerous repairs on my vehicles. All of the work has been done to my satisfaction at a very reasonable cost. I can highly recommend Bob and his company to everyone.

By Dave - 06/26/2010

Bailed me out!
On my way to work one morning, my truck just up and quit. A fellow employee picked me up and took me to the office. From there I contacted PMC Super Tuners. He met me at the office within the hour. We went to my truck, diagnosed the problem, went for parts and repaired the truck and had it running all within 2 1/2 hours from the initial call. Since the technician was able to give me a ride and I was able to pay for my own parts I was able to avoid cab fares and the marked up prices at a shop. I definitely plan to use the PMC services in the future.

By Bill H. - Jun 24, 2010

Very Convenient Service
By coming to the customer, this service saves the time and trouble of driving to (or being towed to) a mechanic. The technician demonstrated good background in trouble shooting the problem. R. Palmer

By R. Palmer - Jun 23, 2010

good value
I liked this service a lot. it was cheap and I got what I needed done and my car was working. I want to tell every one that I would recommend this company. This business was great; and affordable. they come to you which saves me time. I would recommend this to a friend.

By soyfestivo - Mar 26, 2010

I've already got one of your cards Bob, Thank you very much for the work you've done; it was convenient.

By Paul Henroid - May 11, 1993

Professional Service
I wish to thank you for your professional servicing of my 1985 Ford Escort on January 29, 1992. You replaced my power brake booster and the left outer CV boot for the same price Sears wanted for just the power brake booster. And then, you followed up by telephoning me this week to ensure my satisfaction. I am 100% behind American entrepreneurship, and it seems to me that you have filled a critical niche. It has been said many times that our economy has become a "service" economy, but I often ask myself, "where is the service?" Now I know that at least at PMC I can find honest advice, on-budget work, and on-time, over-the-road service. Congratulations for getting us out of a pinch (for at least the third time.) May God continue to bless you and your business.

By Robert Kramer - February 13, 1992

Air Perishable Van Maintenance
Bob Thanks for taking care of both Vans for me. Merry Christmas

By Jim Berry - Dec 16, 1992

Expert Diagnosis and Repair
Back in June, you did a tune up on my 69 Pontiac Bonneville and my 83 Datsun Stanza. Just wanted to let you know that they are both still running good. As you will recall, the garage I had taken my Datsun to could not find out why the car kept missing under a load. You quickly found that it was the spark plugs. They apparently had failed to do a complete test on the most logical reason for a miss - the spark plugs, and suggested I take it elsewhere as they couldn't fix it. They suggested it might be a defective computer panel. It wasn't! Incidentally, a recent trip to Chicago in the Datsun resulted in our achieving 42+ MPG - the best ever, and a trip to Peoria in the Bonneville went very smoothly. Your probably very surprised to get this letter, but wanted to let you know I appreciated your expert diagnosis and repair, thorough explanations, and timely visits, along with your friendly demeanor. I would, have, and will recommend you to anyone that needs your services

By Bob Eilers - Aug 9, 1991

Tune up on my Automobile
Thank you for the Tune up on my 1980 Buick Automobile. It runs fine.

By Lacy Martin .- Aug 6, 1991

Job Done Right
Thank you for the work you did on my car. Speed isn't everything. I'm glad you took the time to do the job right, I've already recommended you to my neighbors.

By Brian - Jul 6, 1991

Helped Us Out with our cars.
Thanks for the help with our cars when we really needed it. Have a Merry Christmas!

By Bob & Jo - Nov 29, 1990

Car Repair
Thanks again for working on our cars

By Roseana Krone - Sep 18, 1990


PMC Super Tuners has been in business for over 25 years, since its creation in 1988. We have met the automotive repair needs of thousands of customers in St Louis and St Charles Mo. We have many satisfied customers and hope you will be the next.

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