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PMC Super Tuners helpful tips that I can do to prepare me and my auto, car, truck, van or vehicle for winter. Part 1

20 November, 2014

There are a few things that you can do to get your auto, car, truck, van or vehicle ready for winter. A little forethought on your part can save you some grief, not to mention, keep you safe on the road through the winter months.

First of all, time to inspect windshield wipers for tears and cracks. This would be a good time to replace the wipers and buy an extra pair to keep in your trunk. You will need good wipers for all the snow, sleet and slush.

Second, and this is something that you should do monthly all year round, check the air pressure in your tires. Check the tires for wear, also. Properly inflated tires are very important and as an added benefit, can boost your fuel economy. Look for wear on treads and also check your tread rating. A rating of MS ( mud and snow) will give you good traction on the wet and slippery roads. * REMEMBER! when checking your tire pressure, make sure that your spare tire is also inflated. A flat spare is no help at all when you get a flat tire!

Third, you need to put together an emergency kit. In a box or crate, gather the following items: a small shovel, a quart of motor oil, antifreeze, wiper blades, windshield wiper fluid, reflective cones or triangles and a warm blanket. Place this kit in your trunk. Also put these items in your cab: a windshield scraper, drinking water, non perishable food such as granola bars, extra gloves and a hat and a flash light with fresh batteries.

Fourth and very handy, put some de-icer on your key chain or in your purse or brief case. You can find de-icer at an automotive store or in the automotive section of most hardware stores. This practice will help you get into an icy car and get you into your trunk to reach your emergency supplies.

Fifth, place a bag of salt, kitty litter or sand in your trunk. The added weight will aid with traction. The contents can be placed below the driving tires of your vehicle (front wheels for front wheel drive and rear wheels for rear wheel drive) to give you traction if you should get stuck in the snow. Use the small shovel in your emergency kit to dig snow away from the tires then apply the salt, kitty litter, or sand to help with traction.

These are things that you can do yourself to be better prepared for the winter season. Make sure that every family member has their auto, car, truck, van or vehicle outfitted with these things as well.