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How do I prepare my auto, car, truck, van or vehicle for winter driving conditions?

20 November, 2014

PMC Super Tuners is a mobile auto repair service. The PMC stands for Preventive Maintenance Consultants. We would like to Consult with you about some important Maintenance tips. To help Prevent unwanted mishaps this winter, here are some suggestions to prepare your vehicle for winter driving conditions.

First, you should check your fluids. Your fluids should be checked regularly all year round. Check the oil, transmission fluid (if possible) power steering and brake fluids. However, you should pay particular attention to the coolant system. The coolant system could freeze up if the ratio of water to antifreeze is incorrect. A frozen engine spells catastrophe! The correct ratio should be a 50/50 mix; half water and half antifreeze. A goal of a reading of -34 degrees F would be desirable on an antifreeze tester. *WARNING* Do NOT check or open the cooling system while the engine is hot!

Second, check the condition of your wiper blades. New blades may be needed. Also check your windshield wiper fluid. DO NOT fill with straight water! Windshield wiper fluid contains chemicals to prevent freezing. This is important in the sloppy, wintry months!

Third, check your tire pressure. This, like the fluids, should be checked regularly. Proper inflation can save you from a flat and/or an accident. Also pay attention to the tread wear. Your tires may need rotation or at most, replacement. *ALERT* Remember to keep your spare tire properly inflated. It is of no use to have a flat spare to replace a flat tire!

Fourth, you should put together an emergency kit. Put a fresh flash light, blanket(s), non perishable snacks and a reflective safety triangle in your vehicle. Good things to have if you should get stranded. Another good thing to have on hand would be a bag of either kitty litter or sand and a small shovel. In the event of getting stuck in the snow, you shovel some of the litter or sand under the driving wheels of the vehicle. (If you have a front wheel drive car, you put the sand under the front wheels; or under the rear wheels in a rear wheel drive car).

And fifth, you will need to make sure to have a widow scraper/brush in all of your vehicles. This should be self explanatory but it is amazing how the simplest things can be overlooked. If you have to purchase one, also buy yourself some lock de-icer. Keep this NOT in your car but on your person. The lock de-icer will do you no good if it is inside a locked car with frozen locks. Keep it on your key chain or in your purse.

PMC Super Tuners wants to help you to be safe this winter. Following these maintenance tips should aid you in the Prevention of winter driving headaches.